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Historic Property undergoes significant transformation to enhance its energy efficiency whilst preserving its rich heritage


A historic property nestled in south east London, recently underwent a significant transformation with the expertise of Solaris Energy. This renovation aimed to enhance the property's energy efficiency while preserving its rich heritage.

Constructed in 1910, the property stands as a testament to Edwardian architecture, built in the neo-Georgian style. Over its 110-year history, the building has seen minimal alterations, retaining its original charm and significance. Spanning 430sqm and spread across four floors, the house's current layout is a reflection of its storied past.

The Client states: “Our “time capsule” of a house was entrusted to us by the previous owners who had lived there for the last 45 years. We’ve been looking for partners to help us sympathetically bring it into the 21st century. Solaris understood what we were trying to achieve and came to the challenge with deep engineering knowledge and an open and collaborative mindset.

Solaris Energy was entrusted with the task of undertaking a sympathetic refurbishment that maintains the original layout and features. The team conducted detailed room-by-room heat loss calculations and design work, ensuring that the heating solution was both efficient and in harmony with the property's character. As part of a comprehensive house renovation, the traditional mains gas system was replaced with dual KRONOTERM Adapt Air source heat pumps – marking the first-ever KRONOTERM installation in the UK.

The Client added: Solaris presented Kronoterm as a option, even though it wasn’t known in the UK. After a thorough review of the Adapt performance data and Solaris’ deep engineering understanding of how the Kronoterm unit works, it made it the only choice. The reliability, efficiency and sound performance were greater than anything else on the market. And as an added bonus, it’s also the best looking unit on the market too. The units coupled with a larger heating system design by Solaris and benefiting from Octopus Energy Agile tariffs, is already paying off with its very low running costs. “

These state-of-the-art heat pumps offer a combined load capacity of 24kw, perfectly meeting the heating demands of this expansive property. Notably, the Adapt heat pump has been distinguished by the German institution BAFA as the pinnacle of energy efficiency, outperforming 1,175 other tested heat pumps.

Adding a touch of modern convenience to this historic property, the heat pump system can be remotely controlled and operated via cloud technology. This feature allows for remote analysis, diagnostics, and support, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

In a nod to aesthetics, the customer opted for the elegant 'Nero' shade (RAL 8019) from the available colour range, seamlessly blending the heat pump's modern design with the property's classic facade.

With this renovation, the property stands as a beacon of how historic preservation and modern energy efficiency can coexist, all thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Solaris Energy.

  • Location Champion Hill, London
  • Products
    • 2 x Kronoterm Adapt ASHP
    • 500L Joule Buffer Cylinder
    • 500L Joule Cyclone
    • Elysator SorbOx LI