Boost your organisation's green credentials

If you are looking to significantly reduce heating costs and boost your organisation’s green credentials, then a ground source or air source heat pump is the ideal solution. Ideally suited for office premises, farms, schools, business parks and other commercial enterprises, the low-level constant heat creates a better environment for those who use your premises.

With the average condensing boiler only lasting between seven and 10 years, heat pumps also offer long term reliability, in comparison.

Finally, with heat pumps generating much lower CO₂ emissions than traditional boiler systems, they help to boost environmental policies and promote businesses as being socially responsible organisations.

As well as offering a full design and installation service, at Solaris Energy we undertake all ground works for the heat pump installation, including:

  • Boreholes

  • Horizontal arrays

  • Trenching

  • Fusion welding

If you have a number of buildings to heat on one site, we also can design and install district heating, using heat pump technology.

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