Solaris Energy Ltd are adhering to the following Covid-19 procedures to ensure the safety of both our clients and our staff:

1. All of our staff are taking regular lateral flow Covid-19 tests

2. Our engineers also complete a daily electronic Covid-19 form before they attend any sites

3. Social distancing is to be maintained at all times, by both clients and engineers

4. Our engineers will be wearing gloves at all times and where possible, will avoid touching door handles and things on site that are touched by others

5. Where possible we request our clients please leave all access doors open for the engineers and/or disinfect handles/surfaces before (and after) we attend site.

6. Our engineers will have masks with them and will wear them at your request.

7. Please advise us (where possible in advance) if you have any other special requirements or concerns with regards to Covid-19 that may affect how our engineers work on your site.

8. Our engineers currently have no symptoms of any kind; however, should they develop any symptoms between now and a scheduled site visit, we may need to postpone at short notice. We would ask that our clients also ensure they are confident they have no symptoms.

9. Should a client develop symptoms, please make us aware at the earliest opportunity so we can make arrangements to reschedule (in some cases we may be still able to attend site ie. If you have a separate plant room that can be accessed without entering the main property etc)